We knew we had to reach more people. Initial research and testing identified that by shifting the conversation to a celebration of positive, life-affirming stories of people thriving with Guide Dogs’ support, we would be able to engage new audience segments and supporters.

  • 25% Year-on-year audience growth on social media
  • 100% Doubled engagement on Facebook in 2018
  • 3rd Moved from 15th (2016) to 3rd (2018) for Top Buzz Ranking in the YouGov Charity Index

One of our top performing pieces was a video series showing how visually impaired people play sport at top levels. We travelled around the UK filming inspirational people, including a Team GB cyclist, a member of England’s blind football squad and a cricket captain.

We focus on creating fun, high-octane content.

Account Director, Zone

Iterating and optimising

We worked in a small agile team, testing, learning and reacting to content performance. Every month we identified the key successes and development areas, and feed insights into the creation of the following month’s social calendar.


Zone’s performance and contribution to our account was nothing short of outstanding. Not only is their work of the highest standard, I always have absolute confidence and trust in their abilities to deliver. They have the patience and integrity to deal with – what can only be described as – a ‘challenging’ organisation.

Nick Wood, Senior Digital Marketing Manager